Why XERO and BankLink are better

You may notice that there is a huge amount of choice when it comes to bookkeeping software in today’s market. Generally, choice is a great thing, however too much choice can become confusing. Our Brisbane bookkeeping firm believes strongly in efficiency and making the most out of the time we are given. This means taking advantage of the great leaps forward in technology allowing us to not only make the work we provide more affordable to our clients, but make it more useful.

Clients often perceive bookkeepers as number crunchers, throwing together raw financial data day in day out. Thanks to these new advances in technologies, such as software tools like BankLink and XERO, we are able to streamline this number crunching and focus on what’s really important, your business.

So what exactly are BankLink and XERO, and how can they help you?

In a nutshell, these programs are advanced bookkeeping software, which allows us to directly import data from your bank statements, and allow for fast and effective processing. In addition to this facility, we are able integrate invoicing solutions, and PAYG tools into our system, which makes everything work so well together. This effectively removes the need for a bookkeeper to be on your business premise and allows us to help you remotely. This saves you money.

Essentially, these programs allow the user to connect with their business, and this is what Link Bookkeeping is all about. We only use the best, and that’s why we promise the best results. It’s that simple. So if you’re a business in need of bookkeeping in Brisbane, give us a shout. We’ll free you today.