What is the cloud, and how can it benefit your business?

If you’ve been awake the last 6 months, you’ll probably have heard at least one person talk about “the cloud”. There is a huge amount of confusion regarding what this cloud thing actually is, and more importantly, what does it have to do with you. Basically we will be looking at cloud computing from a business perspective in this blog.

The most simplistic way that I could explain cloud computing, is by imagining there is another computer, perhaps sitting up in the heavens, that you can connect to from your regular PC (or mobile device). This computer however, is not like yours. It has a specific purpose. This purpose is to allow you, wherever you are, whatever device, access to your information. So how and more importantly why, should you get in the cloud.

To put it simply, these are some top reasons

  • Information for your business, anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a device that can connect to the internet
  • Confidence in knowing your information and data is safe, and no fear of “computer crashes” deleting your work
  • Ease of access for advisors. Your bookkeeper or accountant can access your data as easily as you can, allowing seamless translation of advice, and assistance
  • Consistency. Having all your information available anytime on the one system allows yourself and other users access across all platforms. No need for different software versions, or messing around.

Fortunately using cloud software solutions (like XERO), has no negatives, bar one. You need internet connection. However, in this day and age with Wi-Fi hot spots you can be sure there will be internet not too far away.

So what are you waiting for? Ask me about the cloud and how you can get your business up to date.

-James Webb