Advantages of Hiring an External Bookkeeper

There are two main types of bookkeepers in Brisbane, the internal bookkeepers and the external bookkeepers. There are not much difference between an external and an internal bookkeeper when it comes to professional skills, expertise, and knowledge. They perform the same set of tasks and have the required training, understanding, and qualification needed. One can do the task as faultlessly as the other.

The main difference between an external and an internal bookkeeper is their position in the company.

An internal bookkeeper;

  • Works and is paid as a full-time employee of the company
  • May be assigned to perform other tasks aside from bookkeeping duties
  • Works within the company premises
  • Use company infrastructure and assets to perform the job
  • Works for one employer

An external bookkeeper;

  • Works in partnership with the company
  • Is paid by the amount of work done
  • Works only on bookkeeping and other relevant and specified jobs
  • Works outside of the company premises
  • Uses their own infrastructure and assets to perform the job
  • Works with more than one client

So why is it advantageous to hire external bookkeepers in Brisbane?

  1. Lower Costs – Why pay a full time bookkeeper when you only need bookkeeping services for few hours a week or a couple of days a month? Sure, you can assign your bookkeeper to do some management or marketing tasks, but that is not maximizing his or her skills as a trained bookkeeper. And you can’t expect your bookkeeper to deliver awesome marketing plans. Hiring an external bookkeeper can give you the best services from the experts, for less cost.
  2. Minimal Turnover – Bookkeeping is not the most exciting task. That is the main reason you’re hiring somebody to learn the boring rules and do the boring task. Bookkeepers also like excitement and challenges. Once they know all about your business, they stop learning, and that leads to boredom, and resignation. On the other hand, external bookkeepers in Brisbane take on several clients, so there is something new and exciting all the time.
  3. Outside Perspective – Internal bookkeepers are basically employees of the company. They rely on the company for their livelihood, promotions, and salary increases. Like any other employee, they would tend to get caught in office politics and personal attachment with other employees. Exposure would be limited to within the company. External bookkeepers are all business. They could clearly see a flaw in your business processes and offer you insights unhampered with emotional ties.
  4. Independent Workers – While you need to set up the work station, buy computers, and acquire software needed by internal bookkeepers, their external counterparts usually work on their own computers, subscribe to the needed software, and don’t need to encroach your office space. After hiring internal bookkeepers, you are in charge of their training and pay for the upgrades of their skills. External bookkeepers on the other hand, come in trained and experts. They also keep their knowledge and skills updated on their own.

Your bookkeeper in Brisbane is an essential part of your team. It is important that you find someone whose skills fit your company needs, someone who is efficient in delivering services, get the best value for your money, bring in their expertise, and help you achieve your goals. And with the business trend of going virtual, wouldn’t it be prudent to trust those who are already well into it?