Strategic Online Marketing for Small Businesses

More and more businesses are done on the internet. Online shopping is now the most preferred way to shop. And why not? It is convenient, quick, and allows transactions from all corners of the world. Isn’t it time for small businesses to go earnest with their online marketing? Most online businesses, like my Brisbane bookkeeping company, have relied heavily on online marketing to find new customers, communicate with clients, and maintain relationships with them.

Not all online marketing campaigns are successful. Some are not fit for the company or the product, others aren’t well put-together, and then some are not designed to reach the right target audience. Here are ways to make online marketing work for you.

The Power of the Simple Website – Your website is your main platform for your online marketing. Other social media platforms, forums, and accounts all lead to your website. Everyone would think that bigger and flashier websites are better. Not always. It is good to have a huge website, as long as the links are properly in place – leading to the selling or ordering page. A prospect client could easily get lost in the web pages and would simply leave your site.

Essentials to a Powerful Website

  • Highly visible contact and company location and other information
  • Current content, up-to-date pricing
  • Presence of call to action buttons and lead capture forms
  • Simple interface, easy to navigate
  • Professional design and branding, nothing too loud or tacky
  • Search engine optimized

Go Mobile – Everyone are with their mobile phones almost every minute of their waking hours, a lot less than the time they spend on a computer. You are missing a lot of traffic if you’re not mobile optimized. Make sure that your website is optimized for smaller screens. Convenience and instant gratification are big influencers to today’s shoppers. Make it easier and faster for your customers to reach you.

Consistent Social Media Presence – You cannot rely on your website to generate the traffic and leads for you. You should go where your customers are – through the social media. Create and maintain a business account. Link it back to your website. Create communities or forums that will let you reach out directly to your market. Regular postings, updates and timely interaction will heighten your social media presence.

Put your money on it – Marketing is your way of attracting clients who will buy your products and generate the profit. It is only fitting that you put enough resources to back it up. Bigger campaigns can reach more people and generate more leads, but will also cost more money. Create a marketing plan that will include projected target market to reach, leads to capture, and sales to convert. Compare the projected profit against the expense and decide how much you can afford to spend. A Brisbane bookkeeper should be able to provide you with a more thorough and accurate forecasting.   

Marketing Emails – Businesses maintain relationships with past clients by sending them regular newsletters. This is an unobtrusive tool that will remind your clients of you without being too forward. Make sure you only include great content that can be forwarded and shared, increasing your marketing range. Bland, uninteresting, and preachy newsletters are generally ignored or flagged as spam.

Reputation Management – Creating a presence online is also opening up to all criticism and unfavorable comments. Do not try to hide or fight negative feedback. It will not solve the problem, and could damage your online reputation. Instead, visibly respond to the feedback, thank the commenter for the trouble he or she took to put the problem forward, get the reason of the problem or for the expressed opinion, and promise to address the matter accordingly. And make good on your promise.

Chart your progress – Develop a reporting structure that will help you track and measure the efficacy of your campaigns. Consider metrics like calls received, enquiry emails, orders placed online, referral emails, and traffic. Determine which strategy works best for your business. Your Brisbane bookkeeping provider can integrate this service and provide you with the reports needed.