Social Media and Your Business

Is your business still not on social media? If not, you are missing out a lot of business opportunities, most of which are free! Everyone I know has at least two social media accounts, have internet connectivity, and maintains online presence. I found many of my Brisbane bookkeeping clients online. In many instances, it was they who found me. Internet accessibility creates a whole different community online – easy to find, reach, and connect with. At least three of your major business processes should be on social media.

Three Major Roles of Social Media for your Business

Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and the likes, social media is now the primary means of connecting with people. Starting and running a business is all about connecting with people, more specifically, your prospect customers. I used several social media platforms to launch my bookkeeping in Brisbane. I still use them now to maintain contact with my clients, promote my services, and find more business.

Marketing Tool

Social media is now the most effective marketing tool for business. It is cheap, has unlimited access, and highly measurable. You can customise campaigns to certain demography, area, or exposure. As a marketing tool, the social media also has the leveraging feature – sharing. One viral post can reach millions of prospects online. And unlike previously favoured marketing channels like television, magazines, and billboards, marketing campaigns online are evergreen. It will stay online forever, and if done right, a marketing campaign can also be relevant for a long time. The most popular social media outlets for marketing includes Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Selling Platform

More and more businesses are foregoing the establishment of a physical store. This is a huge advantage to small businesses as building a brick and mortar is expensive and will eat out a lot of your business’ capitalisation. Selling online will save you store decorating expenses, stocks for display, sales staff, maintenance, and utility costs. For a minimal business account fees, some social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and Instagram are now offering business solutions like selling. Sellers can showcase their products, advertise, sell, and accept payments online.

Communication Channel

Social media is the best communication channel for businesses right now. It provides businesses with open and direct communication lines to their customers, prospects, suppliers, and partners. The ease of connecting encourages people to contact you with their concerns, air a complaint, or post a suggestion. Direct contact with customers lets you deal with the issues, resolve problems, and gain invaluable information. Social media affords business high level of customer care and engagement, helping strengthen client loyalty, improve products and services, and increase profitability.

I am a huge fan of social media and appreciates its benefits for my Brisbane bookkeeping business. The key to a successful online presence is knowing your target market. This will give you a better idea where to concentrate your social media presence and marketing efforts. Very similar to reality, people in the virtual world also favour certain platforms, activities, and environment over the others.