Six Effective Ways of Boosting your Sales

Sales is the lifeline of any business. You might be able to develop an excellent marketing strategy, have the hardest working team of employees, and built the most awesome product line. But if you can’t generate a sale, your business is doomed. Brisbane bookkeepers like myself have seen a lot of big companies with great products and concepts flub in the market – simple because they fail to sell their products.

How does similar products perform so differently? Why do you prefer a certain brand of television over the others? Selling is an art that comes with a lot of tools. Successful marketers don’t necessarily have an exceptionally superior product, they just know how to effectively sell it.

Here are six easy tricks to effectively boost your sales;

Price it right – Right pricing is key to capturing your target market. Pricing too low will lend doubt to the integrity of your company and product, and to price too high will limit your market range. To get the right price is to know your product and the customers it is intended for. If you are selling a luxury gadget, pricing it higher will make sense as to give it exclusivity. But if your product is a household necessity, going for a more competitive price is more practical.

Maintain or improve quality – Customers who are happy with your product could be part of your marketing team and help promote it to other people. To bookkeepers in Brisbane, this translates to more customers and sales. However, dissatisfied customers will also make it a point to tell their network not to go near you. De-marketers will disintegrate all your marketing efforts.

Aim for customer retention – Find ways to keep your customers happy and for them to keep coming back. Constantly growing your client base means increasing your sales without the need of any additional marketing. Good customer service and support, listening and communicating with them, or a customer reward and privilege program can help grow the return customer percentage.

Upsell adds up – Always upsell. This is the easiest way of increasing your sales. If your customer asks for a dozen eggs, ask if she needs butter. If the order is for three boxes of pizzas, ask if they already have drinks or how about some chicken wings? You can add-ons to internet, cable, and phone subscriptions. Offer accessories to cars, cameras, and computer sets. There is always an upsell opportunity, look for it.

Provide incentives to sales agents – Giving motivational incentives to your sales team is a win-win. They work hard and sell more in order to attain and enjoy the perks. They are rewarded with the incentive and the company with higher sales and revenue. Bossing around your sales team is a big downer. Instead, treat them as your co-workers, with you as part of the team.

Offer a less attractive option – Giving your customers a choice is giving them control. And being in control makes them more confident into buying the product. A good example is selling a luggage. You can sell a medium wheeled suitcase for $100, the large one for $120, and the matching carry on for $75. You can pair them off with a slight rebate, say the large suitcase and the carry on for $150, or all three for $250. The less attractive option is buying only one bag.

The most effective and most tested way of boosting up your sales and growing your business is the good old way of creating relationship with your customers. Sacrificing the relationship for a deal could gain you a one-time sale and a dissatisfied customer for a lifetime. Choosing the relationship could cost you a sale, but in return, you will gain a happy if not grateful customer who will certainly promote you and your products. This is the same principle I go by in my business of bookkeeping in Brisbane. It works.