Secrets to Successful Small Business Blogging

Blogging is not a requirement when setting up a business website. But if you want to take full advantage of what internet can do for your business, writing and maintaining a blog is advised. From the SEO point of view, blogging makes your website easier to find, thus increasing traffic and business. For your viewers, which would generally include your present and would-be clients, the information you provide are immensely valuable. I use blogging a lot for my Brisbane bookkeeping business, and I want to share with you some of the proven aspects of successful business blogs.

Write for your clients – First, learn who your clients are. What are they interested in? What would they like to know about? Are you catering to professionals and academes or teenagers? To get your viewers to read your blog, you have to write articles with subjects that are interesting to your viewers and in a language or composition that they can plainly understand. Do not use medical terms if you’re into home construction or write on Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber if you’re selling retirement plans.  

Keep your brand in mind – Your blog should always be in sync with your branding. If you’re promoting a chic high-end coffee shop, do not write about frugality, DIYs, or the dangers of caffeine. It might not be in good taste to openly promote your store or brand, but you should always write to support your business. Articles on the perks of drinking coffee, managing a busy lifestyle, or maybe take on the life of a barista are better content for a coffee shop weblog.

Strategize your content – Variety in your content is a must to keep your readers coming back for more. Know the best time to post and how often is right for your readers. Alternate long serious articles with light amusing ones. Aside from written articles, use different formats like infographics, videos, charts and tables, or photo features. Articles can be an interview, a product review, a researched piece, or a contribution. Not every one of your viewers are readers, some would better appreciate the videos or the infographics.

Make your blog interactive – Enable comment features, include social media ‘Share’ buttons, and encourage your readers to contribute. Opening up the communication lines is a win-win – you learn what your readers think about the article and the business, and they are able to express what they feel. A good portion of my business bookkeeping in Brisbane comes from referrals, recommendation, and clients sharing their experience doing business with me. Sharing over the internet is the way to create more audience. The more people share your article to their network, the more exposure you get, and the better for your business.

Keep you blog professional – You can go funny or serious, entertaining or informational, specific or general. You can adopt the best genre that you think will best capture your audience. One thing that is non-negotiable is to make your blog professional.

  • Check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors
  • Avoid derogatory slurs to race, religion, social standing, sex, and political opinion.
  • Respect the opinion of other people
  • Unless you are taking action against it, do not post sexual, physical, emotional, or any other form of abuse.

Evergreen content – Building up your blog content is not easy and will take time. One way to make your content last is to make them evergreen or timeless. Instead of news items, create enduring articles – write about the love story of William and Kate, not of their weeding. If you have to write about a major event, avoid time-based words like ‘yesterday’, ‘this week’, or ‘latest technological breakthrough.’ Instead of writing “Last week Kate married Prince William,” write “Kate and Prince William were married at Westminster Abbey.” The first sentence will not be true after a week, while the second one will remain accurate forever.

Include Calls-to-Action – What do you want your readers do after they read your articles? Placing call-to-action links, buttons, and contact details will enormously help your business. Make it easier for your readers to learn more about your product, place the order, call you for appointment, or make a reservation.

Writing and maintaining my Brisbane bookkeeping blog is a major undertaking. Keeping readers interested will require regular updates, fresh content, and interesting posts. But the return business is tremendous. A professional blog will not only lead more customers to your site, it is also a controllable venue for you to educate your clients and promote your business to your market.