Pinterest: The Creative, Fun, and Effective Way of Promoting your Business

In an era of active internet communities, social networking and online shopping, businesses are taking advantage of social media as a way of promoting, advertising, and branding. Any forward thinking company has a business website Facebook business page, an official YouTube channel, a Twitter account, and lately, Pinterest boards.  Even professionals like doctors, engineers, builders, and bookkeepers in Brisbane strive for online presence.

Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are social media sites initially conceived as social networking platforms. Now, they are also used by businesses as a way of communicating and reaching out to their customers and target market. On the other hand, Pinterest was intended to be a picture sharing platform. Just like Facebook, account owners can upload, share, and post pictures. And just like Twitter, people can follow each others’ pins or boards.

To create an account, you will need somebody who already has an account to invite you in. Or you can send an email, requesting for an invite. It usually takes three days to for them to respond. Once you are admitted, you can start building your account by creating boards. This will organize your posts, making it easier for your followers to view your pictures. It is also recommended for you to follow other people’s boards as they will follow you back. This will help you build you network faster.

How can Pinterest Help your Business?

Crafts makers, hobbyists, and small business owners instantly saw the opportunity of showcasing their products to the world easily and without the exorbitant costs. Here are other benefits you business can derive from Pinterest;

Ø  Sync with your website and other online marketing channels. You have the option to include backlinks to your website on the pictures you post. People who are browsing your boards and liked your product can simply click on the link where they can learn more about it, or buy it. You can also sync your posts with you Facebook page so that your “likers” can also see your products and posts.

Ø  Endless reach and exposure possibilities. Pinterest has over 10 million members and all these people can be browsing your boards. They also have the option to repin or share your posts. Repins to other boards retain the original links, thus your image is also shared to the network of the people who post it into their boards.

Ø  Hashtags and keyword usage. Adding your website’s or business keywords in the image description can also boast search engine rankings of your webpage. Pinterest also integrated the use of hashtags, so your pins can be easier to find when tagged appropriately.

Ø  Option for a community building. You have the option to allow your network and followers to pin unto your boards. This is helpful if you are trying to build an interactive community with your customers and industry.

Ø  Online brochure. You can create an online brochure on some of your boards by including the product price, brief description, and other details with the picture.

Ø  Images are fun. Aside from posting your products, you can always liven up your boards by including infographics, fun memes, and even some personal photos. Browsers will likely follow you if you have fun boards. This means more exposure for your pins and company.

Just like other social media platforms, creating an account in Pinterest is free. For some businesses, most of their advertising and marketing needs are covered with a well-maintained Pinterest account. Just make sure that the boards are regularly updated.

Working as a bookkeeper in Brisbane, I saw more and more of my clients are relying in social media to advertise and reach their customers. And Pinterest is fast becoming to be a favorite. You just need to spend few minutes everyday to pin new pictures and browse your boards. Then you can sit back and let Pinterest sell your products.