Keeping Up with Our Customers

More than knowing your products or services being provided, the success of your company relies on how much you know your customers. Your clients are people. And as human beings, their needs and wants change through time and according to trends. Isn’t it sensible to assume that our product should also change? The practice of bookkeeping in Brisbane has changed a lot over the last few years. The needs of my clients have changed significantly. And so I did my services.

Before clouding and online based business processes, all bookkeeping services were traditionally paper-based. We literally keep books of accounts, update the journals, and record business transactions. With the availability of accounting and bookkeeping software, these processes were computerized. The computerization benefited both clients and the bookkeepers as it significantly reduced the needed man hours and costs. It also improved accuracy and overall quality of the reports. The age of cloud computing further enhanced and simplified the processes.

Both bookkeepers and clients benefit from the technical revolution of bookkeeping. But, what if I decided to stick to the good old traditional bookkeeping? Will I still be the best bookkeeper in Brisbane for my clients? Sure, I will maintain the quality of my work and services, but, will it be to the best interest of my clients if I insist of doing it the old proven way? I think not.

So I made the change. I learned new ways to better the service I offer. Taking advantage of what technology, the environment, the laws, and society has to offer, I purged a system that will improve my services.

All businesses should be able to keep on track of their customers’ needs in order to stay relevant. People change, and so their needs. The fashion business thrives on changes and innovation, and so all business, albeit in different levels of revolutionary transformations. 

We change because;

  • We improve an old product
  • To counter the changes of our competitors
  • To abide to new laws
  • Keep up with the trends in the industry

A lot of companies bank on their consistency. The same peanut butter taste offered to its loyal customers over the years. Should they change the well-loved product? Not really. Change doesn’t always have to come in form of a new product or service. Here are ways to keep up with your clients without really changing;

  1. New company image – A lot of companies are doing this to rev up their business. New logos, new store décor, new packaging are just some of the ways you can change.
  2. New advertising push – If you have been advertising your peanut butter’s creaminess and taste, maybe you can try doing the health-conscious way. With the prevalence of health awareness, you can even add a new line of peanut butters with less sugar.
  3. New marketing channels – Have you been maintaining a television slot or a page of your local paper as advertisement? Do you know how many people still read the paper and watch TV shows? A lot of your target customers could have moved to live streaming and reading their news online. Adding social media marketing to your mix will help you reach your more techie customers.

Always know who your customers are. Try to keep in synch to their needs and wants and how you can address them with your product or service. Talk to them. You can conduct surveys, solicit feedback, or encourage comments and suggestions. Having an open line of communication helps you reach your customers. Make sure that your clients have options to easily reach you. You can print your contact information on the labels and packing.

For online businesses like my bookkeeping in Brisbane service firm, I make sure that clients can easily reach me from all my online accounts. They can comment, email, or message directly. And make sure that you acknowledge every message, call, or email you get. This is how customers feel significant and valued. This is how you keep them loyal to your products and services through time and trends.