Expert Tips on Preparing Successful Sales Quotes

Quoting is the stage in your sales pipeline where you turn your leads into buyers. This is also where you can lose a very strong lead. And the quickest way to send prospect clients away is by creating generic sales quotes. In my business of providing bookkeeping services in Brisbane, I made sure that all quotations going out to my clients are professionally prepared, constructed according to their specific needs, contains all information the clients are looking for, and is well presented.

Invest some time preparing powerful and winning sales quotes. Remember that a hastily put together quote is a shut door that will send your clients to your competitors. Here are some tips from sales experts on how to prepare sales quotes that gets accepted;

Deliver on Time – Acknowledge the request for a quotation as soon as you get it. Let the client know that you are working on it and that you will send the request soon. Prepare and send the quotation with the day or the next business day at the latest. Communicate with your client if you are unable to provide a quote within the expected timeline. Provide viable reasons of the delay.

Qualify the Deal – Make sure that you have a qualified buyer before you lay your best offer on the table. Many requests for quotations are from people shopping around for plans that are far from reality. Make sure that that wedding cake order is for a wedding happening within the next few months, not from a couple who just got together. Or if the house renovation job is for somewhere within your area of operation. It would be a total waste of time trying to sell something that is not needed or wanted.

Ask for Details – Before writing up a quote, always ask for important details of the order like the expected delivery date, special product requirements, and bulk of the order. Having the required details of the job will give you a hindsight of the work required and associated costs. The knowledge will put you in a better position to create more competitive quotes. The few extra questions has helped me offer the right Brisbane bookkeeping products and services to my clients, and they appreciate the fact that I did the extra mile of figuring out the package that works for them.  

Nail the Sale before Writing – Do the groundwork of nailing the sale even before writing the quotation. Instead of replying to the email, call the prospect client. Build rapport and assured them that you will be happy to take on the order and make it happen on their terms. Look for the problems that you can fix. Do they need a rush print job? Does the client have budget constraints? Offer solutions and let the quotation be just the formality that will seal the deal.

Make it Clear, Concise and Complete – Do not clutter the quotation with unnecessary details that will only distract the client. Include all the information that are specific to the order, your company’s contact details, and branding. Do not use intricate fonts, loud designs and too much color. Write it in the client’s language. Use simple daily words and avoid industry terms and jargon that might confuse the reader. Make sure that font size are readable and stick to basic colors, most preferably black. Always review for accuracy and correctness.

There are many ways to simplify your quote writing while maintaining its content quality and competitiveness. Having a ready and fillable template with all the company details will shorten the typing period and avoid typographical errors and missing out on an important detail, like your phone number. Some Brisbane bookkeeping applications like the Xero also offer quotation management process that helps small business owners write better quotations and manage sales quotes to optimize turnover.