Effectively using social media for business Part 2

So we’ve briefly touched on the two heavy hitters in the social media industry, but what about some you are less likely to hear about. Today, I want to look at LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. These can work extremely well when used in conjunction with Facebook and Twitter. These avenues, especially YouTube and Pinterest, are all about entertainment. “My business has nothing to do with entertainment” you might say! However, many customers these days want to work with, or buy from, suppliers who engage with their target market. This makes them more than just a business, and helps people connect with them when making their buying decision. For example, our bookkeeping services in Brisbane is designed to connect with our clients, and help them feel connected with their business. So in our social media strategy, we try and inform our clients, and entertain them with all the wonderful things they COULD be doing, if they had a good bookkeeper in Brisbane.

So how do they work?


LinkedIn is very much a professional profile page. It’s great for business services, and great even for individuals looking to expand their career. It’s not about entertaining, but more about engaging with fellow business people. It’s an important tool, especially in a service industry. Check out www.linkedin.com


The “new” Google. Did you know that many people are now using YouTube as a search engine system? Basically, if you want a “how to”, many people will be going straight to YouTube to watch an explanatory video. After all, it’s easier to have someone explain something to you in person, than to read about it. In Link Bookkeeping’s case, we have posted a video on “How to complete a BAS in Australia”. An informative video on Bookkeeping and BAS reporting. YouTube is a great way to make video a part of your social media experience for your customers.


Beautiful pictures, exotic locations, detailed artwork. Everything from food to travel, to chemistry or astrology, it’s all on here. If you’re a visual learner, and love pictures, you’ll probably have a Pinterest account already. Pinterest has a larger female use, so if you’re in an industry which has a female target market, your business really should be taking advantage of Pinterest to gain interest. Have a look for yourself at our beautiful bookkeeping travel photo’s www.pinterest.com

Thanks guys for checking out a few of my recommended social media sites. They can do amazing things for your Brisbane business if you do them right. Remember at Link Bookkeeping we love social media. We are more than bookkeepers, so feel free to give us a call about social media ideas and planning. We can help you connect with your business, and free you from your bookkeeping Brisbane.

James Webb