8 Features Effective Ads have in Common

Any entrepreneur worth his/her salt knows that it pays to advertise. Having the goods is not enough to make a sale, you must communicate its existence to the consumers and target market. The book of accounts of the most successful business I’ve worked with as a Brisbane bookkeeper include a substantial marketing budget and expense. Effective ads are your most ultimate selling machine.

To be effective, ads should be noticed, understood and able to stimulate action. Here are eight common features of effective advertisements;

  1. Highlights the competitive advantage

What makes you different and better than your competitors? Highlight your edge over other products or services in the market. Effective advertisers always put one notable product feature front and centre of their campaigns.

  1. Targets a specific audience

Developing an ad campaign should start with identifying the target audience. Who are you selling the product to? Knowing your audience will create more relevant, comprehensible and effective campaigns. It’s unfeasible to use scientific terms when advertising alphabet morning cereals or tech jargon when trying to sell vacation plans to retirees.

  1. Pops up in the right places

Learn how to best reach your audience. Having a good ad is useless if it can’t reach its intended target. The most effective advertising campaigns use multiple channels, with varying degree of occurrences. If the target market is TV watchers, the majority of the campaign push should be concentrated on TV ads. Supporting campaigns can include social media ads, radio and billboard placements.

  1. Consistent branding

Develop a branding that you can use on all your marketing campaigns. A company should have a logo with specific colouring and design identifiable with the product. McDonald’s has the double arches, Nike the swish and Coca-Cola its white and red colours. Your aim is to be recognised by your audience even before they can read through the entire ad copy.

  1. Focuses on one central theme

Do not try to deliver mixed messages at once. For each of your campaigns, focus only on one central theme. Do not confuse your audience with too many messages or they will just tune out and stop watching or listening. Be the commercial ad that people will pay attention to, and one way of doing that is by focusing on one theme and by keeping the message clear and simple.

  1. Relevant to the times

Trends, fashion and lifestyle are constantly evolving. Make sure your adverts are relevant to the times. Be sensitive to what is happening around you, especially to your target market. If you’re selling hair conditioners and the current hair fad is coloured hair, develop an advertisement that will connect your product to the current trend. Tone deaf advertisements are bad publicity. Handle sensitive societal issues carefully or avoid them altogether. Your aim is to always put your consumers first.

  1. Powerful headline/tagline

Using taglines and headlines is essential to grab your audience’s attention and the advert’s retention. Make your headlines short and attention-grabbing, and your taglines memorable. People will mostly scan the headlines and read those that caught their attention. Taglines are often incorporated into commercial jingles.

  1. Features a call to action

To help convert your ads into sales, always include a call to action within your ad. ‘Buy Now’, ‘Call us Today’, ‘Download the Brochure’ and ‘Redeem your Coupon’ are just some of the easy action items you can add to your advertisement. It’s not enough to introduce your product or service to the market, tell your customers what to do. As a seasoned businessman and Brisbane bookkeeper to many successful enterprises in the city, I know for a fact that asking for a sale will double your chances of making one.