Setting Up a Paperless Office System

Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping Brisbane businesses have made me realize that most of the offices right now use computer systems to facilitate business processes. However, many are still relying on hardcopy filing, working on computers but storing information and data traditionally, in hard copies, filed in the faithful metal filing cabinets. It is quite quaint actually, and these workplaces bring old memories of my primary school offices.

I see nothing wrong with that. However, there are better and more efficient processes available to us right now. What most progressive businesses have in common is the paperless office system. Many small and medium businesses I’ve worked with as a Brisbane bookkeeper are intimidated with the thought of going automated, looking into the cost of setting up a modern system. But really, the system can help you save on your overhead cost, and pay for itself.

Advantages of a Paperless Office

Automate the Processes – Transitioning from the old system of filing to a computerized setup can be hard at the start. But once you have everything in place, it will automate your business processes. Everything will be faster, you will need less office staff, and your bottom line increases.

Remove the Clutter – You will be surprised by the amount of clutter that automation can take out from your office. It will remove bulky filing cabinets, papers on your table, and you can transform your stuffy fire trap office into a sleek and modern workplace.

Environment Friendly – Paper is made from the destruction of trees.  The less paper you use, more trees are saved and less energy spent in manufacturing paper, pen, ink, and printers. Although paper is biodegradable, it would still help if we are to minimize wastes, and help our environment.

Components of a Paperless Office

There are several requirements needed to jumpstart your paperless office. You can already find most of them in your office. You just need to realize and optimize its use. There are also components that you will need to capitalize on.

Computer Hardware – Most offices right now are rely on computer systems to facilitate accounting, typing, communication, and other basic business processes. To automate your office system, you will need at least one working computer station for each of your office staff.

Software – This might cost you on the onset of your office automation. There are different office software designed to different office setup and needs. If your office needs are quite simple, you can buy universal office software systems that can work for most office system. However, if you are running a more sensitive and complex business setup, you will need to consult with programmers so that they can design system software that will cover your needs.

System Setup – Although some software is easy to install and use, this will usually need the expertise of professional software installers and developers, especially if you also need to hookup your office computers, printers, telephones, scanners, fax machines, and other equipment into a network.

The Internet – One very important aspect of your office system’s automation is the internet.

Ø  Unlimited Storage Space – The virtual realm has just solved the problem of storage space. There are many cloud storage sites that offer data storage for free of for minimal charges.

Ø  Facilitate Data Sharing – The office setup has also changed from the cubicles to the ‘wherever you may’ setup. Workers are no longer confined to the four walls of an office building. Online data sharing facilitates the work processes despite physical locations.

Ø  Easy Data Access – Another great thing with doing everything in the internet is the easy access to your files. This will let you access office files even when you’re on vacation, or show your Brisbane bookkeeper your files without having to actually meet up with him.

Ø  File and Data Security – As long as you practice proper security measures, your files stored in the internet are much safer than it can be in a locked and secure office. No fire, flood, or theft can take electronic files from you.

The transition from your present office setup to a paperless workplace can be complicated and complex. You need to encode the hardcopy files you have right now, either by typing them in and saving as a document, or by scanning and saving in PDF formats. You will also need to organize the workflow, database, and security measures. Do not hesitate to consult with the experts. Feel free to contact us about creating a solid strategy to implement this.

It would also help to secure you sensitive data and financial information if you will coordinate with your auditor or bookkeeper in Brisbane. They have worked in many office systems and they can advice you on how to best setup your paperless office system.