Problem Employees in your Business

Employees and the people running the company are the core assets of every organization. No amount of technological, financial and natural resources can lead to business success without the competence and dedication of the people within the organization. Working with many industries and business in Brisbane, bookkeepers and accountants like me have seen many enterprises with seemingly endless resources fail and collapse due to management and personnel incompetence.

While competent, skilled, and dedicated employees deliver services that help small companies grow and succeed, problem employees can hinder development and cost you money. It is important for businesses, especially startup ventures, to carefully select, hire, and keep employees that are contributing to the goals of the organization.

Here are some of the common problem employees that could be costing you money and destroying the morale of the other employees. Learn how to spot them and how best to deal with them.

  1. Negative Thinkers – He always think that he is getting the bad deal, that he deserve more pay and less work, and that everybody else are no better than him. He would routinely complain about everything in the office. He will doubt any change as something that is intended to make his life harder. These workers could be adequately doing their tasks; they can even be your team’s top performers. But their constant and continuous complaints and grievances can ultimately affect the unity, morale, and camaraderie of the team.

Negative thinkers might not always realize their actions. Try sitting with them and talk about their comments, complaints, and grievances. Let them know how it affects the company and your options if they do not curb their negativity.

2. The Incompetent Pleasers – She always has the sunniest smile, the perky disposition, and is a friend to everyone. She always comes in on time, volunteers to any given tasks, and offers help to whoever needs it. The problem is, she is a constant under-performer. Her tasks are mostly late, unfinished, or incomplete. While everyone would like to go out with her after office hours, nobody would willingly work with her.

It is highly possible that incompetent pleasers know of their shortcomings and they try to compensate it by being nice. These workers can still be assets to your organization. Try to uncover their best abilities, like dealing with people, and then place them in a position that will take advantage of that ability.

4. The All-Knowing Genius – This guy always has an idea, a strong idea, on about everything that goes on in the organization. He will always better up somebody else’s achievement. He has stories of accomplishments in the past and grand plans for the future. The problem is, he’s not doing anything in the present.

These people want attention, and would try to downplay anything that is not attributed to them. If tolerated, they can seriously damage your team’s morale and camaraderie. Nobody wants to work with a humbug. Deal with this by talking to the person and explaining to him how important his present performance is. Set concrete deadlines and work metrics for everyone, and evaluate employees accordingly. 

5. The Drama Queen – The drama queen is competent, friendly, and a focused worker, until something didn’t fall into her expectation. Then everything is lost. A mail didn’t come on time, a co-worker failed to smile at her at the lobby, her coffee break is delayed, or her Boss asked her to repeat a task, all these can cause a major breakdown. Complete with tears, emotions, outbursts, and umbrage. And she wants everyone on it too.

Too much show of emotions can be distracting in an orderly office environment. Too much of constant drama can be draining on everyone else. Talk to your drama queen and let her know the boundaries of office conduct. Give her an open office treatment, where she can march to your office and talk to you if something or anything upsets her. Usually, they don’t do that. Instead, they try to curb their outbursts.

6. The Average Guy – He is the guy who blends into the crowd. He never calls any attention to himself by staying average. He will complete his tasks, but will never take any extra effort to exceed expectations. He will drone on his reports, put in expected hours, take all his vacations, and stays on the company and increases his salary for his employment longevity.

So what is wrong with the average guy? Average guys or the coasters pull down the benchmark of employee performance within the company. Achievers and the hard workers do not appreciate people who barely take the effort to do more and contribute to the company goals. You would soon lose the good workers due to resentment of seeing coasters getting paid as they are, or more.

Working with other people is dynamic and challenging. You do not only need to manage and guide them in order for them to grow to their fullest potentials. You also need to consider their human side. That is a complex combination of rights, feelings, intelligence, motivation, and discipline.

Being into a lot of Brisbane bookkeeping and accounting jobs, I have also been working with different people. I realized that as an entrepreneur, your first concern is your business. Your success highly depends on choosing the right people who will be part of your organization.