Toxic Habits Holding you back from Success

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a Brisbane bookkeeper, or or a small business owner, having the right attitude is essential to ensure success in the field you have chosen. Adopting the right kind of attitude will guide you to your success. Similarly, no matter how young and eager and well equipped you appear to be in terms of skills and knowledge, without the right set of attributes to guide you, your success is a far cry.

Here are five of the most significant traits that guarantee failure and could be holding you back from success. Which of the traits can you most relate to?

  1. Procrastination – it is the habit of putting a specific task in the backseat and hurrying to have it completed come deadline. Why is it toxic? Rushing a task to completion often leads to mediocre outcome due to lack of attention and time to review possible lapses. It is also stressful because of time constraints. Delegating complex and time-consuming tasks like bookkeeping to the professional bookkeepers in Brisbane can also help ease your workload.
  2. Perfectionist mindset – a perfectionist is a person who refuses to accept anything that falls short of his/her standards of what is perfect. No idea, input, suggestion and/or opinion is welcome if it didn’t pass the set standards. Often, a perfectionist is also self-critical. He/she goes into the nittiest details, questions every angle and spends a lot of time mulling over things before deciding because of the fear that what he/she has worked on is not good enough. This can be toxic because it is unproductive, and it often creates friction with employees if no idea is welcome because it didn’t meet the perfectionist standard.
  3. Self-doubt – this is akin to perfectionism in the essence that there is a delay in the decision making and any action that needs to be taken. The former tends to kill time due to inability to feel satisfied with what he/she has worked on while the latter uses almost all his/her time questioning if his/her decision is right, if it is any good, if there is a mistake somewhere that needs to be corrected, and if it will be acceptable to others. This is often rooted in the fear of rejection and this is toxic because if one wants to succeed, one must have confidence in his abilities.
  4. Narcissism – this is a psychological disorder resulting in extreme vanity, self-centeredness, and an unquenchable thirst for praise and admiration. A narcissistic person believes no one is better than him. The only acceptable opinion and ideas are those he created. It is slightly different from perfectionists in a sense that a perfectionist is open to other people’s thoughts and ideas as long as it is able to meet his/her standard of what is good enough. The narcissist on the other hand, believes that his ideas are the only one that can attain perfection. Nothing can be more toxic than working with narcissists because they tend to point fingers when something goes wrong and accepts no accountability for the errors committed. 
  5. People pleasing – a pleaser is one who is never happy. He/she doesn’t have a say in anything because other people’s opinions are the top priority. A pleaser is afraid to say no, agrees to anything and everything and is always often drowned in a sea of conflicting opinions. Professional bookkeepers in Brisbane will never take on more jobs that they can handle. A person who wants to be successful must know how to assert himself, make a fair assessment of any situation and is able to make his own decision.