The Importance of Mentors to your Success

Having a great mentor is like discovering a fast track highway to success. I grew up into an accounting and business oriented family. And I am lucky to have people around me who are constantly teaching, guiding, and giving me wise advises whenever I need one. I owe the success of my Brisbane bookkeeping business to my mentors.

Mentors are people who have had the exposure and valuable experience in your industry. They are reputed, successful, and wise. A good mentor is someone who doesn’t only have all the mentioned qualities, but someone who is also kind, honest, and willing to share valuable insights in business and in life. You might not realize the value of having a mentor when you don’t have one. How can you miss something that you don’t know? So let me tell you what you are missing out.

Preview of Experience – Experience is the best teacher, but if you have somebody who will give you a preview of what’s to come, you will have a better handle of your business’ future. Mentors who made and learned from mistakes will ensure that you never commit the same blunder. They will point out opportunities they might have missed, and advise you to avoid bad choices. You can write good business plans and forecast by the numbers, but those will never beat having the experience.

Outside Perspective – A mentor is someone who can review your plans and tell you how good or bad it is. Entrepreneur can easily fail to see any shortcomings of his or her products or services. They can focus on the outcome of a marketing campaign or business expansion without considering factors that could jeopardize the plan. With an outside eye and perspective, a mentor can point out flaws and suggest improvements.

Enforce Goals – As a freelance bookkeeper in Brisbane, I am well aware of the challenges of an entrepreneur keeping to goals. We plan out our career, set goals, list to-do tasks, and fail to follow through. A mentor will help you set realistic goals, plan out how to achieve them, and will call you out whenever you are falling off the track or falling behind your deadlines.

A Source of Contacts – Having somebody who knows the ins and outs of the industry is a great advantage for your business. Your mentor will introduce you to the best suppliers and industry partners. Knowing and working with your mentor will gain you his or her trust. He or she will also send you referrals and will readily endorse you to his or her network.

Model and Inspiration – Talking and spending time with someone who will readily share their insight and experience will greatly inspire and motivate you to work harder and keeping going. This is especially important during trying times of the business. Times when you are forced to make a decision, faced with hard choices, or when things just don’t come as planned. Your mentor will most probably have also gone through these same trials, and came out alive and victorious.

I have been so lucky to have mentors even before I set up my Brisbane bookkeeping firm. If you still don’t have a mentor. Try to look for one now. He or she can be your parent who’s also in the same industry, a respected educator, a former boss, or an industry leader. It should be someone whom you believed in, respect, and look up to.