Staffing 2.0: Adapting to the Millennial Way

As the millennial generation starts flooding our workforce, adapting the millennial way has never been more crucial. This presents a need to establish new strategies and reinvent the approach to hiring, developing and keeping employees for both businesses and entrepreneurs. Unlike the other generations, millennials present change to work ethics, motivation and focus. How are we going to adapt to such a big change? Here are top practices that I have in bringing the best out of my millennial bookkeepers in Brisbane.

Attracting Employees

Traditional job marketing includes posting flyers and waiting for applicants to step right through our doors. For millennials, having grown at a time when technology blasted into the mainstream, marketing your business to them would be a different game. Forget being traditional and entice your applicants through online job postings and a website of your company highlighting not just the opportunities you can present but also the culture that you have within the workplace.


Your hiring process needs to be more flexible. Instead of providing the details of the job description and salary range during the interview, you can reinvent your ways by providing these through email which they can review and consider the offer even before they come in for the interview. You might be surprised that millennials are not much into the money offered. They put more emphasis on other, more intangible benefits, like their passion for doing what they do and the opportunity that you can give for them to acquire skills that they can use in the future.

Managing People

After hiring millennials, the challenge now is how to best manage this generation and to successfully merge their personalities and working habits to that of the other team members from the older generations. The answer is simple: focus on the millennials’ strengths which include:

  • Eagerness to Lead – having been supervised by various generations before them, millennials have developed an eagerness to lead and drive results. They strive to be innovative and always think outside of the box. This generation shall be your “change leaders” which is vital now that you need new ways to outrival your competitors in the business.
  • Focused on Growth – this generation is also a seeker of experience and ways to improve their skillset. They grew up knowing how tough the competition is in the real world and they are eager to show us that they have more to offer. In managing your employees, you need not just to focus on cash incentives, but work on providing them with opportunities to learn new skills and grow as an individual. Help them practice their creative thinking and expertise in technology. Providing online courses for your company’s updates would also lure towards self-development.
  • Openness to Feedback – another strength that you can use to your advantage would be this generation’s openness to accepting feedback. They know that they have a lot to learn and providing feedback is a key for them to work on the things they can take to the next level. This is not just applicable to managing an existing employee, but also during your hiring process. Providing meaningful feedback to them during the interview process will encourage them to improve on the key points you’ve mentioned. This trait will also be beneficial in blending them with your existing employees as they don’t take feedback negatively but perceive it as a gift.
  • Liberty in Thought Expression – just like how they are open to feedback, they also expect the same in return when it comes to us hearing what they have to say. Since they are the generation equipped with unrestrained creativity on account of technological advancements and their exposure to such, they want their ideas to be heard by the team as they have put a lot of thought about it before sharing it with everyone. A healthy workplace for millennials includes the freedom and ease of employees expressing new strategies to meet the company’s goals.

Just like the previous generations you’ve hired before them, millennials simply need a healthy work environment that fosters growth and meaningful results. And by adapting your ways to their learning process, they’ll let you use their strengths for the good of your business just like how they are turning out to be the best bookkeepers in Brisbane.