Reasons Why Good Employees Quit

Employees are the company’s greatest asset. They are the ones running your company, literally. They are the ones doing the hard dirty work. They are the company’s frontliners dealing with your customers, the artisans creating the products, the financial planners keeping your progress on the right track, or the Brisbane bookkeepers doing the most boring and complex job in the company.

For the company’s benefit, new employees are trained and tooled so they can perform their 100%. And they do deliver and even surpass the expectations. And just when you thought they’ve settled in for the long haul, you get a notice of resignation.

Why do good employees leave? What can you do to keep them?

Career Stagnation

Dynamic employees should not stay too long in the same position, with the same set of tasks and the same level of responsibilities for a long time. With no challenge and change, they will eventually get bored and look for something new. And since they don’t see any possibilities within the company, they’ll start looking somewhere else. Keep them motivated with a dynamic career movement. Promote, re-train, or re-assign people as you see fit.

Unclear Company Goals

Optimistic and pro-active employees often seek growing and progressive companies. They will look for enterprises with great vision statements and business goals. They want to be part of the growth. However, when companies fail to keep up with the hype, good employees lose interest. Aside from the visions and goals, they also want definite plans and see them implemented. As their future are also at stake, they want to know what is really happening. Keep an open and honest communication with employees.


The most productive employees know the value of work-life balance. To them, no amount of compensation or monetary reward will recompense for their personal time. Instead of longer hours, try to discover ways to improve the efficiency of your business processes. Cloud computing and outsourcing time-consuming tasks can lighten the office workload. Getting rid of the bulky Brisbane bookkeeping tasks by outsourcing will also get rid hours of workload from your team. Then your employees can enjoy work-life balance. In fact, you can use vacations and time offs as a form of incentive.

Lack of Recognition

Another top reason employees quit is the lack of recognition. They feel that their efforts and hard work are good for nought. Give credit where it is due. Value and recognise all types of team contributions. Recognition and rewards don’t have to be formal or expensive. It can be a simple thumbs up, a recognition email, or a mention in your next team huddle. Click here for more non-cash incentives you can use to motivate employees.   

Company Politics

Office and company politics are far too common. Hiring and promoting the wrong people is one of the top reasons why the best employees leave. They can’t abide with politicking. They work hard, try to contribute as much as they can and know their worth in the organisation. If they see someone else gets ahead of them for any other reason than hard work, talent and dedication, they’re out. To avoid driving away your best employees, create a guideline on promotions and strictly follow it.

Inept Manager

Nothing is more demotivating and disheartening than being managed by an incompetent boss. Talented and skilled employees will certainly know the difference between a good leader and a toxic boss. A leader will bring out the best of the team’s possibilities, while a horrible boss will undermine the commitment, engagement and confidence of his or her team.

Lack of Trust

Micro-management is not the best way to keep talented and pro-active employees in the company. Good employees need to be able to work autonomously and practice a certain degree of decision-making. After the initial training, orienting and onboarding processes of new hires, you have to immediately assess if the employee is worth keeping. If he or she is a good fit, then you have to start grooming the employee for bigger responsibilities. You need to trust them with the job you’ve assigned to them.

Profit over People

A company that cares for its people will always have a team of loyal, dedicated and pro-active employees. Putting profitability over the welfare of your employees will only lead to a high turnover, with the best employees leading the way out of the door. Stingy practices like inadequate training, poor equipment or charging workers for re-works or returns are not the cost savers you think they are. On the contrary, cost-cutting practices that are detrimental to the workers’ welfare are costly.

Unhealthy Working Environment

People who are happier are more productive. That is also true in the company setting. Keep your work environment positive and happy. Make sure to eliminate any discrimination like racism, sexism or ageism. Interpersonal conflicts should be resolved immediately and accordingly. Inject the element of fun – pet days, team building activities, friendly sports competition and office events liven up the workplace and create a happy and conducive workplace.

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