How to Bounce Back from a Setback

In this world full of competition and critics, positivity is often scarce and hearing a no for an answer is inevitable. Though we’d rather take a yes on a job promotion, a business proposal submitted or a pitched deal, it can’t be avoided but to get a “Do better next time.” Bumps, potholes and stop signs along the road to success often take us away from our goals and dim our motivations in life and sometimes, cause a complete stop.

How do we regain the fire to start kicking off our engines for another shot to take off and fly high?

  1. Failing is not Failure

Our pride takes a big hit from rejections and mistakes. And after a hit, we often consider ourselves a failure and indulge on self-pity. While it is right to entertain your emotions, embracing the negativity and letting it define you altogether is another thing. Allow yourself to feel the pain just enough for you to be hungry again. Then, reflect on the strengths you showed when facing difficulties and the things that you need to work on for better results. Remember that a rock on the road is a failure if you don’t figure out a way through or around it. But if you did, you never failed. Instead, you had a setback that helped you learn and continue as a better version of yourself.

  1. It’s All in the Mind

After regaining and honing your strengths, then the next thing to work on after a setback is your mindset. After a failure, your mindset may be at its lowest. You might see yourself as someone weak or pathetic. You have to fix that, because you’re not. You are what you think you are. Take time to go back into the positive mindset. Think positively of yourself and of your goals. Love your strengths and even your flaws. Only by accepting yourself that you will be able to unleash your fullest potentials.

  1. Know and Work on your Strengths

Sometimes, setbacks happen not to put us down, but for us to be redirected to our rightful path. Take time to know yourself, your strengths and your true passion. Instead of denying them, be proud and work on upgrading yourself. Learn or new skills, hone and update old ones. Prepare yourself to take on new challenges.

  1. Recognise on your Flaws

Only after reinforcing positivity into your life that you’ll have the power to face your negative thoughts head on. Think of the challenges you’ve encountered and what caused you to fail. How can you make things better, resolved the issues faster and more efficiently? What was lacking? Recognise your flaws and try to correct them if you can. If not, then try to find ways of turning your flaws into strengths!

  1. Set Courses of Action

The next step is getting back into the game. You have identified your strengths and the things you need to work on. Use them to chart your new roadmap to success. Take your old action plans, fortify them with the new strengths discovered, amend with the recognised flaws and prepare yourself to work harder to attain your goals.

  1. Focus on a Target

All action plans aim for specific targets. You can either set a new target or continue with the goals you already have. Either way, always remember that you should set targets that are specific, realistic and time-bound. You wouldn’t want to experience setbacks for setting unachievable targets within a limited time frame.

  1. Stop Blaming Yourself

By this time, you are all set and the distance keeping you from success is only yourself. While it may be true that you have had failures, never let those run your life. Take charge of your strengths and focus on that goal with enough confidence to defy the odds. You do not need perfection to lay hands to success. Perseverance instead, will make you extraordinary in life.

Diamonds endure tremendous heat and cuts to transform from the course coal to a shining jewel. It is normal for life to sometimes throw sticks and stones, never let them break you. Instead, use your setbacks to refine your skills and always emerge from it as a better person.