Handy tips to keep your records safe

In light of the tragic events of the Australian floods, I felt it appropriate to divulge some handy hints in keeping your records and documentation safe from not only age, but natural disasters.

Paperwork. It is truly a nightmare to some. Pages get lost, they fade, they get thrown away accidentally. Is there anything at all that can be done? Well, fortunately yes. Great leaps in technology allow for digital libraries to be created, allowing you to store your financial documentation in a virtual filing system. Linkbookkeeping, Brisbane bookkeeping, recommends this type of documentation. Not only will it protect your information from any unknown future events, it will preserve your documents safely and neatly. No more paperwork.

The ATO accepts digital copies of paper documentation, including receipts and invoices. There are some types of documentation which you will require original paperwork, but check with the ATO if you have any doubts.

Good methods of creating digital paperwork are scanning, and even taking high quality pictures. These days, modern mobile phones have cameras with enough detail to capture an entire A4 document, preserving all its details. These digital documents should all be saved into a backed up hard drive, and categorised for easy searching later.

This method can save the heartache and stress of losing documentation, and make your life a whole lot easier (when it comes to your paperwork). If you’d like any more advice on digital paperwork, feel free to call Linkbookkeeping, Brisbanes best bookkeeping service.