Entrepreneurial Hacks that will make your Life Easier

Entrepreneurs face business concerns too many to count every day. Some of the issues are expected, many come unforetold, and most can make or break the business. How do you keep sane in the daily grind? By keeping things simple. As a bookkeeper in Brisbane, my job is to organize clutter and make things simple. But organizing should not be limited to your accounting and bookkeeping. Here are some effective entrepreneurial hacks that can help keep things simple, and life easier for business owners. 

Email Management – How much time do you spend every day dealing with your emails? Do you open emails as they come? Unless you are waiting for an important message that will make or break the business, stay off your email and set a schedule when you can deal with it. This can save you time to concentrate on other matters. Make a thorough scan of your mails in the morning. Delete spam, newsletters you don’t have interest in, and garbage emails. Make inbox folders and immediately transfer emails accordingly. Keep your main inbox empty, and check for new ones every hour. To save time identifying important emails, make sure that you tag your contacts.

Small tasks control – Business owners are usually the busiest lot. There could be hundred tasks to do every day. Avoid piling up your to-do list by immediately working on some of the tasks. It takes about a minute or two to jot down the task and determine when it can be accomplished. Before you enter a new task, try to assess if you can do it in two minutes. Immediately work on all tasks that takes less than that time. This will keep your list short.

Carry a small notebook – Carrying a pen and a small notebook will never replace the more sophisticated smart phone in your pocket. This habit has served me well in my business of bookkeeping in Brisbane. Jotting down important notes, ideas, and tasks will take less than a minute. Opening and tapping unto your electronic organizer will take a lot more time. And if you’re using your phone for that purpose, you are also more likely to check on your Facebook, email, and hundred other things. Keep things simple, carry a notebook and review it in the morning and before you end your business day.

Take fun breaks – A quick business lunch or a check on the social media feeds of your business accounts do not qualify as breaks. Take few minutes off work to do things that you really enjoy and do not relate to business. Take a nap, play with your pet, or take a walk. Do activities that will clear your mind and refresh your body.

Create a satellite office – You should be able to work outside your office. If you limit access to your business files and accounts inside the walls of your office – you are subjecting yourself to separation anxiety every time you need to be outside. Have a portable device like a small laptop or a smartphone you can carry around and use to access to your cloud files and online accounts. Using an online based Brisbane bookkeeping service will give you 24/7 access to your accounts from anywhere. Peace of mind.

Get things done in the morning – The most successful people share a habit – they get things done in the morning. People are more productive working with a fresh mind, uncomplicated with calls, rushing through schedules, and other distractions.

Have a list – for anything – Create a list for everything, and start on it the soonest. Making a list for your Christmas marketing campaign, your weekly staff meeting, or your next summer holiday plan will help keep things in perspective. List the tasks to each activity and include a due date to each task. This way, unnecessary things are left out, like the overlong meeting debates, nothing important is forgotten and prioritizing tasks becomes easier.

Outsource – Take advantage of the internet. Delegate tasks that are best done by the experts. Outsourcing business processes is both effective and efficient. Things get done by the professionals and you get to free time to work on things that you do best. Outsourcing delivery services, marketing tasks, accounting, and bookkeeping in Brisbane is commonplace.