Eight Common Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Some people believe that there are those that are born winners, with all the luck, the talent, and the guts to succeed in any endeavor they choose. But, working as an accountant and Brisbane bookkeeper, I have encountered a lot of business people, and I saw habits common to those who are in the higher level of success. Most of us have some or most of the habits listed below, but the most successful possess all seven.

They are Early Risers

Successful people wake up and are on their feet at least an hour before they need to. They take advantage of the early hours to plan the day, eat a hearty breakfast, read the papers, exercise, and/or catch on their email. They are also the first people to arrive at the office.

They Take Care of their Body

Successful entrepreneurs know the value of their health. They realize the need of a fit body to run a business, a sound mind to push the limits, and the unproductive time spent during illnesses. They are healthy eaters. They exercise regularly and avoid destructive indulgences like alcohol, smoking, and drugs.

They Have a To-do List

They plan their day ahead. They also have weekly, monthly, and even yearly goals planned out. They change plans and revise their list as they go. They even create new lists or plans as they see fit. These are important tools for them to stay organized and focused on the goal.

They Work Hard

Successful businessmen know the value of hard work. They are not afraid to spent long hours at the office, eat lunch at their desks, or travel non-stop if that’s what’s needed to succeed. In fact, they try to learn first hand all the tasks, processes, and manufacturing procedures involved in their business. But they won’t take these as work, for they love what they are doing.

They Work Smart

Working smart is common to successful people. They take time to find out the easiest, the fastest, and the best way of accomplishing tasks. That time invested is soon compensated with the efficient way they work because they are able to cover more bases in less time.

They Watch Less TV

Although they might take time to watch important sports events and other TV specials, entrepreneurs rarely watch TV. If they do, they limit it to news channels, business updates, and informational shows. Reality, entertainment, showbiz, and TV series and shows are not in their watch list. TV watching is generally limited to an average of an hour or two a day.

They Don’t Indulge in Gossip

Lunchtime chitchat and office gossip are common things in any workplace. Bosses don’t join in these activities particularly because they don’t enjoy doing it. They see it as timewasting. Successful entrepreneurs usually take advantage of lunchtime to network and of office lull time to discuss company plans and new business ideas.

They Take Time to Relax

Successful people work hard, but they play hard. They take time to relax and unwind and know how to manage stress. They value their downtime as much as working. They take weeklong vacations, spend time with their family, and travel to places they’ve never been to. They realize that success is nothing if you cannot enjoy living it.

Success is not only due to hard work, financial advantage, or talent. It also needs to be nurtured with consistent good habits. Successful people also know the importance of work delegation in order to take time off. My most successful clients take time to learn all Brisbane bookkeeping and accounting rules, procedures, and laws. But they also realize the feasibility of letting the professionals work on it.