Effective Leadership Qualities needed in Business Startups

Every enterprise needs a good leader who will lead the company to success. A good and effective leader is especially needed by startup companies, which are still struggling to establish itself. Working as a Brisbane bookkeeper, I’ve observed that all of the successful business have one thing in common – an effective leader. And that entrepreneurship and leadership are two very different things. Thus, a good entrepreneur is not always a good leader.

Here are the most important leadership qualities needed by a startup company;

Great Communicator – A leader should be able to effectively communicate with the people within the company and those outside. He or she should be able to explain to the machine operator the safety guidelines in plain words, ably discuss with company lawyers the legal compliance of business operations, coordinate with suppliers using industry jargons, and to skillfully handle internal communications. Having a great idea in your head is one thing, explaining it to the right person is another.

A Source of Inspiration – How are you going to ask a group of people to work harder in order to achieve a goal? Giving orders will give you busy workers, not good results. For people to work hard and contribute to the goals of the company, they have to be inspired. An effective leader is able to inspire his or her team work and be committed to the company.  

Have an Overall Positive Outlook in Life – Everyone likes to be around winners and nobody likes working with pessimists. Managing a group of people from all walks of life, with different wants and aspirations, to work in order to attain one goal is a hard task. You are bound to encounter setbacks and disasters. But keeping a positive mindset is the best way to keep going and to get the best out of every bad situation.

Have an Open Mind – An effective leader should be open to all possibilities, acknowledge others’ opinions, and welcome necessary change. I started my business as a traditional bookkeeper in Brisbane. But as innovation opened great possibilities, I adapted to the better ways of bookkeeping. Not only did I kept with the times, I’ve also improved my services to my clients. Change is hard, but a leader should be able to see its benefits, evaluate its drawbacks, and encourage the change needed within the organization.

Knows the Art of Delegation – It is so much easier to get things done by yourself than to entrust the task to somebody else. However, one person can only do so much things in a day, and one person cannot do several functions and performing 100%. The secret of most effective leadership is delegation. It is the art of giving tasks to people who are most able to perform them. Click here for a more extensive discussion on delegation.

Honest – Honesty is the most solid foundation of a long-lasting relationship. And most businesses are built on good relationships. The leader’s honesty will ultimately reflect the organization he or she represents. Your employees have to trust that they have a good job that will sustain them and their families, costumers would have to believe you when you say only fresh ingredients are in their food, and suppliers have to be able to take your word for them to supply you with their best products.    

Confident – A leader should be strong and confident. This quality is especially important during trying times or when the company is undergoing setbacks. Employees would be looking at the leader for reassurance, customers will take stock on the confidence of the leader, while lenders will appreciate and support a confident leadership. A calm and confident leader will objectively evaluate all issues and resolve them accordingly.

Strong Commitment to Success – An effective leader emulates success as a way of life. He or she is committed to the success of the company and thoughts of failure do not cross his or her mind. Difficulties are mere setbacks and challenges that needs thoughtful solutions. Successful leaders do not strive for one big goal. They work and succeed every day, celebrating every small achievement. This attitude keeps them on the positive and keep on working for the bigger goals ahead.

I did not build my Brisbane bookkeeping company overnight. In fact, I’m not done growing the company yet. But each day is a step closer to that big goal, each challenge overcome is a milestone. Just keep your vision on the ultimate goal, and keep working on the small steps leading to it.