Create a Healthier Work Place for Better Productivity

Health is wealth. And if there’s anything we have to invest in, it’s in our health. Health benefits and a healthy work environment are among the top factors of employee retention in Brisbane. Bookkeeping and other office tasks that require long hours behind the desk are especially hard on one’s healthiness. Prolonged sitting and decreased physical activities can lead to obesity, back pains, diabetes, and heart diseases to name a few.

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle while working in an office can be challenging. Here are some ways to create a healthier work place;

Bring in Plants

Live plants instantly freshens and purifies the air, filter airborne toxins, and provide oxygen. The lush green hues of healthy plants are also relaxing, uplifting, and contribute to the aesthetics of the room. Some of the best indoor plants include miniature bamboos, aloe vera, spider plants, golden pothos, and philodendrons.

Use Ergonomic Chairs

Sitting and working behind a desk for long periods can lead to cramped muscles and body aches most especially on your lower back, shoulders, neck, and hips. Ergonomically designed chairs help support your body and lessen the problems. Choose office chairs that can be adjusted according to the users’ body measurements.

Appropriate Lighting

Natural lighting is the best type of office lighting. It instantly stimulates people, thus improving productivity. Open up your office space as much as you can – wide windows, glass walls, and skylights to let light in. Poor lighting is depressive, damages the eyes, and slow down work. Also note that too much lighting can also be harmful.

Pipe in Music

Music contributes to the verve of the office. It provides a stimulus and ambient diversion that relieves monotonous and boring tasks. Upbeat tunes pick up the pace and energise workers – best piped in to service areas and during the slow hours of early afternoon.

Stand Up Desks

Stand up desks are designed to relieve office workers of sitting too much. Install several stand up desks that your employees can take turns using few hours a day. There are also desks that can transform from a standard sit-down desk to a stand up.

Encourage Short Breaks

Encourage your employees to stand up, walk for few minutes, or simply have a good stretch several times during the day. Short naps are even better. Short breaks revives energy, kick out the cramps, and revitalise the mind. Me and a lot of other Brisbane bookkeepers I know relies on this practice to maintain efficiency, accuracy, and focus.

Instigate Pet Days

Pets are energy boosters and motivators. A lot of forward thinking companies encourage their employees to bring in their pets to work. If your office setup can accommodate friendly and well-behaved pets, have fun and organise bring your pet to work days.

Organise Sports Activities

Friendly sports competition among team members lead to healthier employees, closer relationships, and improved team dynamics. It can be after work games, office indoor sports like table tennis or arm wrestling, or an organised companywide sports meet.

Install an Office Pantry

Having a kitchen pantry equipped with a fridge, a microwave oven, and a water dispenser will encourage healthy packed lunches and discourage fast food deliveries and un-healthy lunch outs. Provide your employees an easier way to eat healthy and save money.

Incorporate Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an old Chinese art of room design, decorating, and placements. It follows the principle of balance and harmony to encourage productivity, happiness, health, and prosperity. Feng Shui is more practical and less superstitious than most people think. My Brisbane bookkeeping office is Feng Shui compliant. Consult with Feng Shui masters for better office arrangement.