Can you Effectively Run a Business from Afar?

Entrepreneurs know the importance of hard work, dedication, and commitment to running and growing one’s business. If there’s anything harder than starting up a business, it’s letting other people run it. Just like any other businessman, I also have jitters when it comes to delegating the reins of running my Brisbane bookkeeping firm. I yearn for the freedom of not having to go to ‘work’ every day. But I still need to personally oversee my business. It is, after all, my source of income, my passion, and an important part of my life.

How is it possible for successful business people to run, manage, and grow several businesses while they vacation? Is it really possible to run a business from afar?

Looks like we have everything we need to run a business remotely. To some extent, I have been working from afar. I still have to encounter any major issues with regards to the arrangements. And I have every intention of working more and more from away from the office.

Assess the Possibility of Managing your Business from Afar

Not all businesses can be effectively managed from afar. If you are just starting up, fast growing, or undergoing a major change, it is better for you to set tight and be on hand. Wait until your business stabilizes. You will also need a manager or a partner you can rely on to oversee the day-to-day operation while you’re away. This setup might also be especially hard, and therefore not advised for people who are overly-controlling.

Know and Acquire the Needed Tools

Know the tools you will need in order to stay connected. Install as much communication options you can get – email, Skype, GoogleChat, Facetime, mobile and satellite phones. You can also get your team to a team work platform to better manage tasks and goals. GoogleDocs and Evernote are great help in sharing ideas and notes. Clouding as much business processes as you can will ensure you access and accurate and real time updates on what is happening to your business. Dropbox offer cloud storage accessible anywhere, while Xero provides Brisbane bookkeeping solutions which allows managers access from anywhere in the world.

Prepare Yourself and Your Employees

One critical step to achieve your goal of running the business from afar is endowing your employees the sense of ownership. They have to transcend from being just an employee working for hours, to someone who is responsible for and will benefit from the growth and success of the organization. Before you can confidently hand over the reins of personally managing your business, you first need to train and prepare employees for their new role. Have you been making all the business decisions? Start training people and delegating responsibilities and decision making roles. And train yourself to trust other people’s decision.

Take Baby Steps

Changing from a hands-on manager to a remote director doesn’t happen all at once. Test the waters before taking the plunge. Start by working from home few days a week. Let your employees handle issues without you intervening. Start letting employees make minor decisions. Review the results, give feedback and encouragement. Determine if there are additional steps, trainings, processes, tools, and rules needed. Repeat the process and go ‘away’ for longer periods.

The process of delegating and transforming your working setup from an on-hand present manager to an off-site remote director is arduous and might take a long time. But the end result would be your freedom to do more – open another business, travel, or spend more time with the family, will be worth the effort.

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