Building a Positive Workplace Culture

From the point of view of a Brisbane bookkeeper, employees are important company assets that needs to be maintained, else they fail to deliver the best they can. Hiring, training, and employee turnaround are costly. The less you have to deal with a new employee, the better for your business.

There are many factors that help retain employees, and one of the most aspect that drives employee loyalty is a positive workplace culture. More important than the higher pay or employment security, a positive and nurturing work environment will more likely keep people in the fold.

Here are the basic requirements to building a positive and productive workplace;

Keep a Team of Positive People

Hire smart. Take care of who you choose to become part of your team. Aside from the basic skills and qualifications, take into consideration one’s personal attitude to work, challenges, changes, and life in general. Skills can be learnt, attitude is permanent. Take your time hiring, but be quick firing. Do not hesitate of letting go a person who you think is not a good fit and who doesn’t share your company’s goals and culture.

Develop a Culture of Trust

Hire the right people, train them, and show then around. Then trust them to do their job, and to do it right. Micro-management has never worked for long term employment. Let your team grow and be confident. Questioning every decision and reviewing every task are great de-motivators. They will simply stop making the effort, grumble, and will eventually leave.

Provide necessary tools

Do not expect a certain level of productivity without first giving them the necessary tools they need. Training, orientation, workspace, and applications will enhance their skills, increase productivity, and encourage performance and efficiency. If you can’t fully train and equip someone, it is better to outsource. Certain business processes like lawyering, logistics, and bookkeeping in Brisbane are best done by trained and certified professionals.

Promote a Respectable Workplace

Do not tolerate any form of discrimination within your workplace. Make it a company policy to respect each other’s religion, race, sexual orientation, age, any disabilities, and appearance. Jokes, criticism, slights, and insinuations debasing anyone in the company, regardless of position, should not be tolerated. Bullying of any kind should not be allowed.

Recognition is Important

Acknowledgement of their work is a great motivator and one of the best ways to make your employees happy. Recognise exceptional commitment, performance, and dedication to work. A company that shows appreciation will benefit from continued loyalty, positive work attitude, and dedication from its employees. A small rise, an appreciative call out, or a pat on the back to let a team member know that you recognise their effort and achievement will help a lot boosting their morale and positive attitude. Setting up an incentive program can also be a great motivator.

Keep an Open line of Communication

Talk to everyone in the company, not just with your supervisors and managers. Create an open door policy and set a regular time when anyone could just come in for a chat or install an open line wherein they can call you anonymously. Let your team know how the business is going. Ask how you can improve their working situation, learn how to better motivate them, and know the challenges they face doing their job. You will be surprised how much you can learn from these informal chats. And how your employees will appreciate the chance to directly tell you their insights and opinions.

Value Individual Contribution

Make sure that everyone knows the importance of their individual role to the entire business. In an organization where everyone is assigned to different tasks, it is significant to recognize everyone’s contribution. Nobody should feel less important than the others. Your cashiers, clerks, supervisors, Brisbane bookkeepers, assistants, and managers should stand together as one team. Pride of their position and knowing the importance of their individual function in the company will inspire employees and value their work.