Are you wired for Success?

Does it seem like some people have it all easy? While others struggle with hard work, long hours, and sacrifices – with very minimal results, why do some people effortlessly glide from one achievement to another, without breaking a sweat? In my business of bookkeeping in Brisbane, I have my share of doubts, disappointments, and frustrations. I saw colleagues land contracts easily, build clientele faster, and succeed awesomely. On the other hand, I also know a handful who failed miserably.

Some people are wired for success, while others aren’t. While I’m still far from my ultimate goals in life, I can safely say that I have come a long way from where I’ve started. I’m still working hard towards my goals, but I can say that I have acquired and developed certain qualities that are inherent to successful individuals. Here are some of the most important qualities that can make your road to success smooth and a lot less painful.

Self-motivation – Successful people don’t need anybody to motivate them. They have an inner voice that constantly remind them of the goals to reach. To them, work is fun, and they try to be productive in everything they do.

Willingness to work hard – All successful individuals know that success is only possible with working hard. They don’t complain during hard times, they know it is useless waste of time and energy. Instead, they work out a solution and strive hard to get out of the predicament.

Openness to change – They are innovators and trend-setters who determined the future and embraced change even before others think of it possible. I credit much of my success to my visions and strong belief on cloud-based bookkeeping in Brisbane.

Learns from every failure – Successful people never fail; they win in achievements and learn from mistakes. One failure is one less option to determining how to do things right.

Self-competing – Achievers are competitive individuals. But competition is centered on themselves. They don’t care if somebody else got the job, or have a bigger business. All they care about is to do better the next day, on the next business deal, or the next client presentation.

Question the unknown – Success comes from knowledge, and knowledge comes from a natural curiosity of things unknown. Do you wonder why people pay so much money for a Chanel bag when they can buy a similar bag for a fraction?

Self-appreciation and acceptance – Leaders aren’t the best workers, or the most brilliant engineer, nor the most talented marketer. They are the people who know play up their strengths, and find the people who can compensate for their weaknesses.

Hear other’s opinion and criticisms – They always try to see things from different point of views. They will always welcome suggestions, feedback, and opinions. Although these contribute a lot to their decisions, a leader will always follow what he or she think is best.

In total control – They are in total control of their lives. They do not put blame on others for any situation they are in. They do not hesitate to take responsibility, acknowledge mistakes, and plan the future.

Negativity is not welcome – Achievers stay away from doubters, nay-sayers, and losers. They always surround themselves with positive and successful people.

Commitment to succeed – They believe in their dreams and in their capacity to realize those dreams. A setback is an opportunity to learn more and hone skills. They are not afraid of the unknown or of committing mistakes. And giving up is not an option.

Hard work and determination were very much integral why I passed through the setting up of my Brisbane bookkeeping firm. Everything will look impossible at the beginning. You just take one step at a time, overcome one hurdle a day. When you have what it takes to succeed, nothing is impossible.