21 Habits of Mentally Strong People

Mental toughness is evident in our actions and decisions. But more on what we don’t do, than in what we do. Mental strength is about control and discipline. Mental strength comes in different forms to different people. A runway model can just be mentally strong as a combat soldier. It could be the fierce determination of a struggling student or stoic constancy of a world leader. As a bookkeeper in Brisbane, mental strength to me is work integrity and commitment to my profession and to my clients.

One thing is constant, successful people and leaders are all mentally tough. Mental strength is an important factor to our success in business, in our career and in life. Here are some of the common habits of mentally strong people.

  1. They look at change positively – They welcome change. Mentally strong people look at changes as a window to something better and a chance to improve things.
  2. They focus on what they can control – Focusing on things you can’t control like the traffic jam or the system outage is a waste of time and will only lead to frustration. Instead, actively focus on solutions and things you can do to avoid possible problems.
  3. Other people’s opinion doesn’t matter much – Mentally tough people do not operate to please or impress others. They will do what they like, what they think is right and what makes them happy.
  4. They maintain boundaries – They know how to say NO. They can take some beating, but they also have clear boundaries. Starting out my Brisbane bookkeeping business, I tried to take on as much work possible. Now, I also focus on my life outside work. realised the need for work-life balance.
  5. They don’t mix emotions with decisions – They see things objectively and keep their emotions in check. Therefore, they make good decisions.
  6. They don’t indulge in self-pity – They don’t dwell on self-pity because they know that they are strong and that they have all the power to shape their lives the way they want it.
  7. They calculate risks – Mentally strong people are also risk takers. But before they take the plunge, they assess the situation a hundred times. Thus, they are able to eliminate unnecessary risks.
  8. They don’t commit the same mistakes – Mistakes are essential to learning and success. Strong and successful people commit mistakes, lots of them. But never the same twice.
  9. They’re not afraid to tackle toxic situations – They do not hesitate to neutralise toxic situations. They act on it fast, before it creates more damage and bigger problems.
  10. They don’t give up – Strong minded people do not give up after the first, the second or the nth failure. Failures to them are just markers on their roadmap to success, something that will guide them to the right way.
  11. They are happy for the success of others – They celebrate others’ successes. Hate and envy do not have a room in their life. That is why they can focus on what’s important and what makes them happy.
  12. They enjoy their own company – They enjoy, need their alone time. Because they are strong and do not need other people, they reflect, enrich and plan better when they are alone.
  13. They maintain conservative expectations – They do not crave for instant gratification or instant fame or returns of their hard work. They know things can be tough, and prepare for it.
  14. They always look forward to a new day – Yesterday is gone. Mistakes, failures and successes that happened yesterday are in the past. They don’t live in yesterdays. Lessons are learned, mistakes are forgiven and memories treasured. But they don’t dwell on it.
  15. They take responsibility for their actions – They don’t blame the traffic jam for their lateness, their childhood for their failures and the world for their circumstances. They know they are in control of their lives, and they take responsibility for it.
  16. They don’t feel entitled – The most successful are also the hardest working people. They work their way up and keep working to stay there. They don’t rest on their laurels, privileges and birthrights.
  17. They overcome fears – Mentally strong people aren’t spared of fear, they just have the courage to overcome theirs.
  18. They take failure as a lesson – Failures doesn’t mean NO. To the strong minded, failures mean lessons – one wrong option discovered, a chance to do better or an arrow to the right direction.
  19. They constantly hone their craft – True leaders and mentally strong people never stop learning. They keep innovating, improving and discovering better ways to deliver their craft and exploring new ideas.
  20. They take care of themselves – A strong mind is nothing on a weak body. Thus, they strive to keep healthy. They take care of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.
  21. They live in the present – They do not let the memories of the past and the uncertainty of the future steal their happiness of the present. They learn from the past, prepare for the future and live for the present.

Not everyone is born with resolve and mental strength. Thankfully, mental toughness can be learned and achieved. While I was building on my Brisbane bookkeeping business, I was faced with a series of challenges and distractions. I have to develop mental toughness to overcome trials and problems. I started with changing my habits, redirecting my viewpoint and in focusing on the dream. Once the craft is mastered, it becomes instinct.