16 Things Successful People do in their Commute

How you spend the hour or so of morning commute can impact your success in business and in life. Those idle time spent travelling are in your most productive period. You’re energised, wide-awake, and rested. Like myself, many businessmen, entrepreneurs, and bookkeepers in Brisbane take advantage of our daily commute. Here are some activities you can do to turn your idle minutes into a power stretch.

  • Review the previous day

Before they start their day at the office, productive people make sure they know where they’ve left off and where to start. Reviewing the events of the previous day will give you a better idea how today would look like.

  • Prioritise tasks and set goals for the day

The most successful entrepreneurs know that not everything can be done within the day. So they prioritise tasks and set daily goals.

  • Construct a to-do list

Writing down your schedule for the day saves a lot of time and makes your day more productive. Create a to-do list that includes time frames, range, and limits. This will avoid long drawn meetings and lingering over lunch.

  • Read a book

Reading a book is entertaining and also a powerful learning process. Many business leaders claim to read instructional books, biographies and other non-fiction books to learn and be inspired. Some prefer the more entertaining, but just as inspiring fictions.

  • Read the news

Successful people do not sit down to watch the entire news on TV. At most, they just scan through the newspaper or feeds and read those that are important to him or her and in the business industry. To be more efficient, they prefer industry publication and filter out irrelevant and unnecessary items from their news feeds.

  • Networking

A good and effective business person knows the value of networking. They take advantage of the idle time spent on commut to expand their network. They make social calls, send emails, touch base on social media, and even carpool with prospect clients, associates, and business partners.

  • Spend quality time with their loved ones

Spending quality time with family and loved ones gets tricky when in business. Most of my Brisbane bookkeeping clients take advantage of their morning commute to spend time with their loved ones. They drive out or travel with their partner or take their kids to school.

  • Exercise

A lot of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders convert their commute time to exercise. Instead of driving, they cycle or walk to work. Some would jog or run! The morning adrenalin rush gives a boost to power you up for the day.

  • Tackle their inbox

Morning inbox can be overwhelming and can take up much of your time. Efficient businessmen use their commute to work on their inbox. They sort, forward to the right person, categorise, reply when they can, and delete the junk and unimportant items.

  • Catch up on social media

All significant businesses are online these days. Some don’t have an official website, but all maintains several social media accounts. Checking into account feeds, notifications, and messages get you updated on how the business and the industry is doing in the market. It is also a great communication channel with the customers. Take the time to read, reply, or address any complaints.

  • Tackle an important task

Some tasks are best done during commute, when you’re alone, your mind is free to think and analyse, and when you’re unlikely to be distracted. Tasks that need considerable thought and attention and you alone decides – what’s the best packaging to use, who deserves the promotions, or which supplier to cancel the contract with.

  • Make calls

Many successful entrepreneurs take advantage of the idle time commuting by making important phone calls. It can be a catching up call to family members living afar, strategizing with their business partners, finalising deals with clients, and planning out the day with their assistant.

  • Take lessons

Self-enrichment and learning is an ongoing process for business leaders. The successful ones never stopped learning. They learn a new language, take online business courses, or acquire a new technical skill.

  • Get inspired

The secret to some of the most successful businessmen’s persistence is being inspired. They aggressively seek inspiration. They read books, hear stories, and observe their environment. They admire other people’s achievements, imitate persistence, and set new goals.

  • Relax

Often, the commute to and from the office is the only tranquil time in an entrepreneur’s day. Once they arrive to work, it is a blur of rushing from one meeting to another, decisions to make, clients to take care of, and employees to deal with. They take these precious quiet times to relax and recharge.

  • Travel with a partner

Commuting with a buddy is always fun, productive, and builds on relationships. It also serves a lot of purpose. You can be free from driving, and be able to work on tasks. You can also brainstorm, exchange ideas, and make decisions while travelling.

I take daily commutes from home to my Brisbane bookkeeping office. I keep my commute interesting by juggling my activities. Some days I listen to an inspirational audio book, other days I make calls. Buddying up or carpooling is a great idea. I do it whenever possible. To be most efficient, create your own routine that will fit your personality, your business, and your lifestyle.