13 Ways of Creating a Positive Workplace

A happy and optimistic atmosphere is a win-win for everybody. Creating a positive work environment improves productivity, creativity and team morale. It also reduces stress levels, conflicts and employee turnover. Here are easy ways to build a positive workplace and a happy team;

  1. Ensure safety and comfort in the workplace – Start by making sure that the workplace is safe and comfortable for everyone. Do you have safety measures in place? Can everyone conduct business and do their work without constant fear for their security and safety? Security is a basic right, make sure your workplace meets that requirement.
  2. Go big on values and vision – Give your employees a good perspective of what you are as a team and where you’re heading as a company. People who are working with a purpose are better motivated, more dedicated and involved. And knowing that one is working with a good company instils pride and positive attitude on everybody.
  3. Set office rules and enforce them – Rules are necessary to ensure the harmony in the workplace. While it is expected of everyone on the team to contribute fairly to the efforts and act accordingly, it does always happen. It is best to lay down the rules; clean as you go, be on time, no horsing around during work hours, respect everyone else’s stuff – work files, workstation, bags, food in the fridge, etc.
  4. Recognise employee contribution – Create a grateful mindset in the workplace. Instead of reminding your employees of their job, do not forget to show appreciation of what they bring in to the company – their time, skills and dedication. And that goes to everyone – from the brilliant sales strategist and the capable HR head to the forbearing customer care representative and the reliable delivery guy.
  5. Positive reinforcement – Recognising achievements and acknowledging efforts are a lot more effective and productive than punishing failures or reprimanding mistakes. People who stand to earn something will work harder and more willingly. And those who stand to lose are stressed, resentful and will simply leave the organisation if the pressure becomes too much.
  6. Focus on the positive – It is not always achievements and wins in the company. You will also encounter failures and loses. Learn from the mistakes, but do not stay long wallowing in it. Instead of the failures, direct your team to look for the missed opportunities, the lessons and richer experience.
  7. Encourage collaboration – Collaboration makes working fun, productive and fulfilling. It encourages the sharing of ideas, strengthens personal relationships and gets the best of individuals. Teaming up is a win-win for everybody – it leads to better results and a friendlier environment.
  8. Maintain open communications – Keep an open line of communication with everyone in your organization. Set up internal communication lines – messaging systems, emails and even face-to-face dialogues. When everyone is able to speak up and is listened to, honesty, openness and social interaction are enforced. Connections are nurtured and feedback is fluid and issues are quickly resolved.
  9. Do not tolerate all forms of discrimination – Create an inclusive working environment where everyone will have equal opportunities and support regardless of age, gender, race or religion. Where one is only evaluated by his or her professional performance and conduct. There should be no room for discrimination within your organisation and make it official – include in the company rules of conduct, put up signs and practice every day.
  10. Encourage learning – Encourage continuous learning and development within your team. Provide opportunities for skills training, industry immersions and career upgrades. Your employees should have the opportunity to evolve and move up the ladder, help them. Instead of hiring new managers and supervisors, groom the people you already have.
  11. Celebrate wins as a team – Mark corporate milestones together. Celebrate anniversaries, reached goals, clinched contracts and holidays as a team. Celebrations foster unity, team bonding and positivity.
  12. Stay open on opportunities – Employees come when they see opportunities in your company. Keep them motivated by keeping the door to more opportunities open. Provide perks when possible – work-from-home arrangements, employee discounts, paid vacations and the like. Always keep career development and promotion opportunities open.
  13. Inject fun to work – Having fun at work will take away the stress, the monotony and any negativity. Fun elements like bring-your-pet-to-work days, Friday team lunches, decorate your desk challenge or theme days will bring in excitement, create traditions and foster personal relationships.