10 Non-Cash Motivators you can splurge on your Employees

Non-cash benefits do not usually show in your Brisbane bookkeeping, but it will definitely show on your team’s remarkable performance and productivity. Giving out non-cash incentives is often more welcome, encouraging, and appreciated by its recipients. The right matrix of non-cash rewards for your employees can go a long way. While cash bonuses are still essential to employee compensation packages, these little add-ons are what keeps your employees engaged, happy, and motivated.

Here are just some of the advantages of splurging on non-cash motivators to your employees;

  • Employees feel valued
  • Reinforces positive motivation
  • Builds stronger team spirit
  • Increases employee retention rate
  • Provides excitement in the workplace
  • Makes happier employees

Most Effective Non-Cash Motivators

  • Flexible Hours

Everyone wants to be able to have a better handle of their time. Whenever possible and applicable to the person’s job responsibilities, offer a more flexible work hours. While we would require front desk officers or our sales team to work on regular office hours, we can let designers, researchers, or even writers work on their preferred schedule. It wouldn’t make a difference to the company as long as they keep their productivity level up and deliver all required of them.

  •  Work from Home

Working from home or anywhere outside the office was not possible few years ago. But, with the internet and online apps available today, employees can work from home, a coffee shop, or from a park bench just as well as they do in the office. A lot of bookkeepers in Brisbane are more productive and prefer working away from the office. This is a major perk for independent workers, and for those who hates commuting, and for introverts.

  • Stress-free Dress Code

Power dressing is compelling and a great way to your express stylish side. But it can also be tiring and overwhelming. Most companies compromise on their dress code, allowing a mix of smart casuals, polished suits, trendy street wear, classic coordinates, and jeans and shirts, while expecting employees to dress appropriately according to the occasion or day of the week.

  • Recognition Activities

Recognition ceremonies offer great opportunities for you to express appreciation and give recognition to exceptional employees for their exemplary performance. A public recognition of his or her hard work and dedication is more powerful than any cash incentive. It motivates not only the awardees, but everyone in the company.

  • Personal Thank You Notes from the Boss

I’ve personally kept all thank You notes and emails I got from my boss. They serve as a reminder that I am appreciated, my hard work is recognised, and that I am making a difference by doing my job right. Getting positive emails or notes from the boss signifies that their efforts are not lost to the higher ups.

  • Coffee Talks with the Boss

Some companies give equal opportunities for everyone in the company for a one-on-one coffee chat with the boss. This is usually given randomly or to people who have excelled in their jobs. A little chit-chat with the boss is taken seriously and appreciated by everyone given the opportunity. How many times would you speak of that coffee you had with the big boss and you told him how crazy the machines go whenever the load is doubled, and found it fixed the very next day? It gives opportunity even to those in the lowest ranks to express their opinion, talks person to person, and get to know the boss personally.

  • Recognition Wall

People get a special boost when they know they are appreciated and recognised. How better way than to feature them on your company’s wall? Setting up a recognition wall will cost your company much. But the results is boundless in terms of employee motivation, performance, inspiration, and goodwill. Your recognition wall can feature your elite circle of exemplary employees and their career highs with the company.

  • Pet Days

Many companies set special working days where employees are encouraged to bring their kids to work. This initiative have worked tremendously well. The “Bring your Pet to Work” day is an inspired development of the “Bring your Kid to Work” day as it encompasses most people. While only parents with young kids can participate in the former, almost everyone has a pet and can join in the fun of pet-at-work days.

  • Free Days Off

Everyone counts on their weekends and usual company off days to do their personal stuff. Extra days off are one of the top employment benefits job seekers look for. Many companies offer paid vacation leaves to encourage work-life balance. But, would it be amazing if you just got an extra paid leave to do nothing? More innovative companies offer four-day work weeks as an incentive to employees to work more efficiently.

  • Teambuilding Activities

Fun teambuilding activities cut the stress down in the workplace. Organise company events like beach parties, weekend outing with the families, company sports events, or even a civic activity where employees get the chance to participate in outreach programs and other activities for a cause.

While cash incentives are just as attractive, it has no trophy value and will certainly be forgotten after it is spent. Non-cash rewards are more effective and lasts longer than any cash gratuity. When building a team, try to build one that is loyal to you and the organisation, who will stay with you for a long time, and one that thrives on a positive spirit. I think that’s the secret of my little group of happy, positive, and outstanding Brisbane bookkeepers.