10 Great Hobbies you can turn into a Business

Earning money while doing what you love is everyone’s dream. In fact, most businesses are founded on one’s passion. I have always been fascinated with numbers and business. Thus, running a Brisbane bookkeeping business is enjoyable, fulfilling, and financially rewarding for me. Here are some hobbies and how you can earn money from it.

  1. Baking – Everyone loves baked goodies and treats. If you have the knack of coming up with great cakes and pastries, you have a ready business on hand. You can start selling to your friends, family, and neighbours. Let them know that you are in business and is accepting made to order bakes. Once you gain confidence sell your goodies to coffee shops and restaurants, or set up your own bakery business.
  2. Gardening – Gardening is a great hobby to keep fit, and can also be a steady source of good income. You can sell your produce – flowers, vegetables, and fruits. You can also venture into landscaping and setting up a gardening service business.
  3. Animal Care – There are a lot of money-earning opportunities for animal lovers. You can set up a dog kennel or cat hotel. Dog walking, pet setting, pet taxi, dog training, and grooming are just some of the pet service businesses you can set up with minimal or no capital requirements. Really into animal care? Set up a veterinary clinic and animal care centre – formal training and licensure needed.
  4. Photography – Photography is a popular hobby with great earning opportunities. With just few formal lessons and the right equipment, you can start snapping away. Start building your portfolio and reputation. You can also work on weddings and events photography and sell your images online. You can also share your passion and train new photographers.
  5. Fitness – Into sports and keeping fit? There are many ways you can capitalise on your passion for wellness. Sports coaching, gym operation, and exercise and training instruction are just some of the fun activities you can indulge in and earn money at the same time.
  6. Traveling – Traveling is an expensive hobby. But you can also capitalise on your passion. Travel agency operators and tour guides are all traveling enthusiasts. You can also write a book or a blog to share your rich experiences. Traveling is also starting point for future importers and/or exporters.
  7. Cooking – There are a lot of restaurateurs in my Brisbane bookkeeping business clientele, and they share one passion – cooking. Eating is a basic need and as long as you have all the right ingredients, you can never go wrong in the food business. Aside from setting up a restaurant business, you can also earn money catering, cookbook writing, and food critiquing, or holding cooking lessons.
  8. Dancing – It is easy to earn money from your love of dancing. Not everybody can be lead dancers or ballerinas, but you can still make it big with dancing. Establish a dance studio, teach lessons, choreograph dances, or produce dance shows.
  9. Crafts Making – Crafting and creative art making is now a popular online business. Etsy and other similar sites offer a market for craft projects and creations. It is now easy to sell craft online with the whole world as your market.
  10. Carpentry – Do you like wood working, furniture making, and other carpentry works? Build a business on it. Set up your own carpentry or furniture shop, a building contractor or renovating company, or work on your own and sell your products.

Finding your passion is the first step to a fulfilling career. Knowing how to capitalise on it is your chance to building a rewarding business. Don’t worry too much about setting up your company. You can easily get all the support and help you need from professionals, lawyers, accountants, and bookkeepers in Brisbane. They are all committed to helping you do the scary business paperwork, so you can just focus on what you do best.