Stop worrying about your BAS, and start thinking about your business

It seems to happen all too often, people have a strong business idea, a solid plan of attack, but they forget about government reporting requirements and basic bookkeeping. Ask yourself if you really saw yourself working extra nights a week behind a desk crunching numbers, when you first came up with your business plan. Probably not. There is nothing worse than working so hard at creating a business, only to find that you have become a full time bookkeeper in the process.

Bookkeeping is something many people choose to take on themselves, which is perfectly fine, if you have ample time, the correct skills required, and an ability to focus on the tedious chore of data entry. However, this time and work, while constructive to your business, could be used more effectively. It’s easy to get caught up in the routine of working all day, and coming home to either process your paperwork, or worse, put it off for later and have the stress levels build up. What if instead of spending your time on that, you take the time to think constructively about your business? Maybe fine tune it or work out how to implement a new idea you’ve been thinking about.

At the end of the day, time is more than just money, it’s your life. We’ve all only got so much time given to us, so use it on growing your business and spending time with your loved ones, rather than doing work that you don’t enjoy which makes your business a chore.

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James Webb