Thoughts from the Director of Brisbane’s best bookkeeping service, Link Bookeeping.
  • Tuesday, 1st October 2019
    Busy means doing a lot of things, while productive means finishing a lot of things. There is a huge difference between the two, but it is very easy to confuse one for the other. Things can get busy a lot, especially for entrepreneurs. New opportunities knocking, new... Read more
  • Monday, 22nd July 2019
    The internet has significantly impacted society that most of our daily activities, tasks, socialisation and interaction are done online. And to match and better reach to the people they serve, businesses are also going virtual. It won’t be surprising at all if most, if... Read more
  • Thursday, 11th July 2019
    The EOFY and all the Brisbane bookkeeping and accounting processes it entails are over. Novice entrepreneurs might think of getting a breather after the gruelling weeks. But, the most experienced and successful business leaders will choose this time to meet up with... Read more
  • Thursday, 6th June 2019
    Computerisation and automation of business processes started happening in the later part of the 90s. Accounting and bookkeeping software was developed and promptly adopted by businesses. Moving away from the time-consuming and labour-intensive manual bookkeeping was an... Read more
  • Friday, 22nd March 2019
    The advent of fintech, virtual currencies, and the financial hazards that came with it, KYC or know-your-customer processes is fast becoming the norm. KYC policies are already practiced in some industries – banking, insurance and even in my practice of bookkeeping in... Read more
  • Friday, 22nd February 2019
    A happy and optimistic atmosphere is a win-win for everybody. Creating a positive work environment improves productivity, creativity and team morale. It also reduces stress levels, conflicts and employee turnover. Here are easy ways to build a positive workplace and a... Read more
  • Friday, 1st February 2019
    Success is such an elusive thing. It can hit someone so hard, fleeting for many and impossible to a lot. In the business of bookkeeping in Brisbane, I’ve seen many successes and failures. And one thing is certain, there is no one way to succeed. Everyone must go... Read more
  • Friday, 4th January 2019
    Buying a business has several advantages over creating one from scratch. An established business will already have customers, a working system and trained employees. Its products and services are already tested and recognized. This is the fast-track lane to business... Read more
  • Thursday, 11th October 2018
    Whether it’s coming from the top or middle management, the company’s front liners, workers and employees need support more than anything else. For them to be effective and productive contributors to the organisation, they would need solid leadership and reliable... Read more
  • Monday, 1st October 2018
    In this world full of competition and critics, positivity is often scarce and hearing a no for an answer is inevitable. Though we’d rather take a yes on a job promotion, a business proposal submitted or a pitched deal, it can’t be avoided but to get a “Do better next... Read more