About Us

At Link Bookkeeping, we pride ourselves on our level of service, which rests upon a huge body of experience. The creators of Link Bookkeeping, come from an accounting background, seeing the need for a high quality, and affordable bookkeeping service for today’s markets.

About Link Bookkeeping

Using the latest software innovations, combined with experienced users, and effective processing methods, a cost effective bookkeeping solution has been reached.

We are determined to show our clients how important they are. Joining Link Bookkeeping, means becoming part of a team that strives to help their business not only stay on top of their books, but become an overall better performing business. Give us a call and be surprised, there’s more to effective bookkeeping than meets the eye.Our clients are everything! We want you to succeed in business.

About the Director

Hi, my name is James Webb. I'm an accountant with over 8 years experience in the industry. I created Link Bookkeeping to reach out to clients and provide them with a high quality service, which will help them understand and grow their business. I work directly with my clients, looking at performance and helping them really feel connected with their business. I pride myself on Link Bookkeeping, and would love to offer you the same level of service my clients have come to expect. I will help you connect with your business. 

Free yourself, today.